• New York Times kept its readers in the dark on Hunter Biden to ensure T

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    By Hannah Grossman

    Miranda Devine responded to a New York Times report that authenticated
    the emails that appeared to come from Hunter Biden's laptop on "Tucker
    Carlson Tonight" Thursday.

    "Well, it's kind of delicious to see them sort of squirming around,
    trying to admit the obvious. But you know, if you're a reader of the
    New York Post or a viewer of Fox News, you knew this six months ago,"
    she told host Tucker Carlson.

    "You didn't need the great New York Times to tell you that it was true
    and that they'd authenticated the emails. We already did that … But unfortunately, the New York Times readers have been kept in the dark."

    She added that the Times withheld that information for "deliberate"
    reasons, and that it all boiled down to making sure Trump didn't get a
    second term in the White House.


    Trump's FBI director kept the laptop secret for a year before the
    election. Did he do it to keep Trump from being elected?

    I'm sure Josh and El Castor will say this is another of my loony
    conspiracy theories.

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