• Leo Terrell alarmed by Kamala Harris telling Americans to start buying

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    By Fox News Staff
    Published 17 mins ago

    Fox News contributor Leo Terrell expressed concern on "Fox & Friends"
    Tuesday that Democrats are aiming to shut down the U.S. economy again
    after Vice President Kamala Harris advised shoppers to consider buying Christmas presents now due to global supply chain issues.

    LEO TERRELL: That scares me because that sounds like shutdown, that
    sounds like we're going to expect that the economy is going to
    basically be locked down again. And that's frightening. Again, the
    Democrats have used the pandemic to control Americans. And basically
    that sounds like a very dangerous warning sign.


    The democrats used the pandemic to win the last presidential election,
    with special voting rules, and with the mid-term elections coming up,
    they are going to try and do it again.

    While telling everyone to wear masks again, Nancy Pelosi doesn't wear


    America is facing a similar moment right now. Once again, officials in California have been caught on camera exposing their own contempt for
    their own public health measures. Video has emerged from a Democratic fundraiser on Sunday morning in Napa Valley, just north of San
    Francisco. Nancy Pelosi was there. She’s got an estate nearby. So were
    other Democratic officials, as well as the party’s biggest donors, who
    paid $30,000 a ticket to be there. The first thing you notice about the
    group, other than how strikingly non-diverse it is, is that none of
    them are wearing masks.

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