• Trump says Biden is letting 'radical climate extremists run our country

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    By Brooke Singman
    Published March 10, 2022

    EXCLUSIVE: Former President Trump told Fox News that President Biden is "letting the radical climate extremists run our country while the world
    burns," as gas prices in the U.S. surge to record highs amid Russia’s
    war against Ukraine.


    "We have the oil under our feet, liquid gold," Trump said. "But
    instead, we are thinking of buying oil from Venezuela, Iran and others
    who do not exactly love America."


    The former president’s comments came as the White House is blaming
    Russian President Vladimir Putin for the record-high gas prices in the
    U.S., even coining the surge as the "#PutinPriceHike," and vowing that
    Biden will do everything he can to shield Americans from "pain at the

    On Wednesday, though, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said
    restarting construction of the Keystone XL pipeline was not one of the
    options on the table.

    "If we’re trying to bring about more supply that does not address any problem," Psaki said. "The pipeline is just a delivery mechanism – it’s
    not an oil field, so it does not provide more supply into the system."


    Can you believe Psaki said a pipeline is not an oil field? What does
    she think flows through that pipeline? Where does she think that oil
    comes from if there is no oil field?

    Biden must think the America people are stupid. He will find out
    they're not the next election.

    These high gas prices are hurting the very people he claims he is
    trying to help.

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