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    By Louis Casiano
    Published March 2, 2022

    Los Angeles police officers will now have to explain their reasons for
    making so-called "pretextual stops" as part of a policy adopted Tuesday
    aimed at preventing the LAPD from stopping people for minor infractions
    in an effort to initiate a larger investigation for bigger crimes.

    The move was unanimously approved by the five-member Los Angeles Police Commission. A pretextual stop is when officers stop pedestrians,
    motorists and bicyclists for minor violations to investigate other
    crimes not related to the violation, according to the commission

    Under the new policy, officers can conduct a pretextual stop if they
    are acting on "articulable information" in addition to the violation,
    not "a mere hunch or on generalized characteristics." Officers will
    also be required to explain the reason for the stop on their body
    cameras, which should also record their response to questions from the
    person stopped.

    Failure to follow the procedure will result in "progressive discipline, beginning with counseling and retraining," the agenda said.

    Commission President William Briggs criticized the use of such stops,
    saying they often harm people of color.


    The liberals can't understand that the more restrictions placed on the
    police, the more crime increases. Like carjackings and robberies.

    All these restrictions are for the benefit of people of color. The
    problems is people of color are committing most of the crimes.

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