• State of the Union: Democrat voters give 'A' grade to Biden calling to

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    By Bailee Hill
    Published March 2, 2022

    American voters rallied around at least one thing on President Biden's
    first State of the Union Address: that the nation must "fund the
    police" as violent crime plagues cities nationwide.

    Pollster Lee Carter, joined "Fox & Friends" Wednesday to discuss
    voters' reaction to the president pivoting away from the far-left's
    push to defund police departments.

    "This is the one moment that everybody came together and really agreed
    that… it was about time that he said this," the Maslansky + Partners president told co-host Ainsley Earhardt.

    "So Democrats gave it an A, independents and Republicans both gave it a

    "One person said at best," she continued. "He said, 'I'm glad… he said
    this. Defund the police is the stupidest slogan that the Democrats have
    dragged into the mix, and it's time to let it go.'"


    This is the only sensible thing Biden has said since he became

    If our government was really serious about getting rid of crime, body
    cameras would be removed from police officers, so they could do their

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