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    On the Edge of a Polish Forest, Where Some of Putin’s Darkest Fears Lurk
    By Andrew Higgins, Feb. 16, 2022, NYT
    As he threatens Ukraine, Mr. Putin has demanded that NATO
    reduce its military footprint in Eastern and Central Europe —
    which Washington and European leaders have flatly refused to do.
    Mr. Putin has been fuming about American missiles near Russia’s
    border since the Romanian site went into operation in 2016, but
    the Polish facility, located near the village of Redzikowo, is
    only about 100 miles from Russian territory and barely 800 miles
    from Moscow itself.

    “Are we deploying missiles near the U.S. border? No, we are not.
    It is the United States that has come to our home with its missiles
    and is already standing at our doorstep,” Mr. Putin said in December
    at his annual news conference


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