• Senate Republicans demand Durham report be made public

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Thu Aug 19 08:35:15 2021
    By Michael Lee
    Published 1 hour ago

    More than 40 GOP senators signed on to a letter to Attorney General
    Merrick Garland demanding that Special Counsel John Durham’s
    investigation be allowed to continue and the report be made public.

    The letter comes amid questions about whether Durham will have funding
    to continue his investigation past the end of the government's fiscal
    year on Sept. 30.


    This is ridiculous. This idiot has been investigating for more than
    two years. He should have been fired after the first year.

    I believe Durham is a liberal democrat and deliberately held back this
    report until the Democrats won the election. He knows Garland can
    reject the report, saying it's worthless, and never make it public.

    Trump just thought he drained the swamp. He was surrounded by traitors
    the whole time.

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