• Missouri school district employees sue over allegedly unconstitutional

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    By Sam Dorman
    Published 18 hours ago

    Two employees of Missouri's largest school district are alleging that
    so-called "equity" trainings violated their constitutional rights by
    forcing them to endorse certain beliefs about race – adding to the already-mounting legal scrutiny of attempts to push critical race
    theory (CRT) and its associated ideas.

    Filed on Wednesday, the lawsuit centers around the purported
    experiences of Brooke Henderson, a process coordinator focused on
    advocating for students with disabilities, and records secretary
    Jennifer Lumley during training sessions last fall. While Lumley was
    allegedly berated for disagreeing with the content, Henderson claims
    she had to affirm statements she disagreed with in order to progress in
    the mandatory training.

    Springfield Public Schools (SPS), according to the lawsuit, also
    threatened to revoke credit for the training if employees didn't
    "participate completely." In doing so, it purportedly set up an "unconstitutional condition of employment" and chilled district
    employees' speech.

    The federal lawsuit reads: "Plaintiffs and all other similarly situated
    staff risk employment penalties for exercising their right to avoid
    messages with which they disagree and express messages with which they
    do agree."

    "Plaintiffs and similarly situated staff are threatened with docked pay
    and loss of credit hours if they do not affirm those beliefs and
    participate in those trainings, both in the past and going forward."


    Rufo has partnered with SLF and others with the goal of eventually
    obtaining a Supreme Court decision that strikes down so-called "equity"
    and "anti-racist" as violations of the 14th Amendment.


    This shouldn't have to go to The Supreme Court.

    They will win this case unless they get a liberal judge, and a liberal
    appeals court, that makes a decision based on their feelings instead of
    the law.

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