• The Senate Filibuster Is Not Progressive

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    The Senate Filibuster Is Not Progressive
    Letters, Jan. 30, 2022, WSJ

    Regarding “What the Senate Filibuster Assault Means” (Review & Outlook, Jan. 22): The view of the filibuster as a protection for minority rights
    is very much not symmetric between the two parties, even if it might
    seem that both parties would like to eliminate it when in the majority.
    The filibuster is a bulwark against dramatic change, since this will ordinarily be supported only by a small majority. But the Democrats
    don’t like the U.S. as it is and has been, while the Republicans,
    properly calling themselves conservative, pretty much like things as
    they have been. The filibuster, therefore, is a check against radical
    change and is disfavored by the Democrats.

    Em. Prof. Stuart L. Meyer, Northwestern University, Hollywood, Fla.


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