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    Lately, the gay movement seems to be making large gains in its war
    on America's Judeo-Christian culture. Gay characters have become the
    norm on sitcoms; it has become fashionable to attack the Boy Scouts;
    homosexual propaganda inundates many of our public schools; nearly
    the mainstream religious denominations have "revised" their
    understanding of Biblical teaching concerning homosexuality; and the
    gay "rights" legislative agenda is succeeding beyond the advocates'
    wildest imaginations.

    And yet the destructive impact homosexuality has upon Western
    Civilization is rarely discussed by columnists, reporters, religious
    leaders, politicians or by anyone else for that matter. Even some
    conservative publications choose to ignore the issue and instead
    published articles arguing for greater tolerance of the gay

    Indeed, on the homosexual issue, conservatives seem divided
    between a "live and let live" attitude and one that concludes that
    homosexual agenda will have to be curtailed if the Judeo-Christian
    culture is to survive. However, overwhelming evidence supports the
    belief that homosexuality is a sexual deviancy often accompanied by
    disorders that have dire consequences for our culture. A vast amount
    data demonstrating the deviant nature of the gay lifestyle is
    ignored by
    the media as well as the leadership of the psychological,
    psychiatric, and
    medical professions.

    It is difficult to convey the dark side of the homosexual culture
    without appearing harsh. However, it is time to acknowledge that
    homosexual behavior threatens the foundation of Western civilization
    the nuclear family. An unmistakable manifestation of the attack on
    family unit is the homosexual community's efforts to target children
    for their own sexual pleasure and to enlarge the homosexual
    The homosexual community and its allies in the media scoff at this
    movement. After all, they argue, heterosexual molestation is a far
    serious problem.

    Unfortunately, the truth is stranger than fiction. Research confirms
    that homosexuals molest children at a rate vastly higher than
    heterosexuals, and the mainstream homosexual culture commonly
    promotes sex with children.1 Homosexual leaders repeatedly argue for
    the freedom to engage in consensual sex with children, and blind
    reveal a shockingly high number of homosexuals admit to sexual
    with minors. 2 Indeed, the homosexual community is driving the
    worldwide campaign to lower the legal age of consent.

    This trend comes at the expense of our children's safety. The
    incident in Los Angeles involving group homes operated by the Gay
    Lesbian Adolescent Social Services (GLASS) exemplifies this danger.
    GLASS receives taxpayer monies to take in troubled youth referred to
    them by the social service departments of various southern counties
    California. 3

    GLASS's own website should have been warning enough. GLASS
    believes that some children are born gay (a view not backed by any
    science) and announced that they target "youth who are confused
    their sexual identities."4 The website links to a myriad of gay
    targeting the youth, including one promoting a book that promotes
    with children. 5 GLASS's founder and former executive director,
    DeCrescenzo, edited a book that helps youth discover their


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