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    I Hate Hawaii

    I Hate Hawaii The worst place I have ever lived. Never have I experienced a group of such self righteous people who expect others to be so beholden to them, yet claim the reason why they dislike "outsiders" is because they are arrogant. I find simply being kind and open is the way to go, always. Not here. If you are not local, meaning you have lived there forever, forget getting a decent (still crappy in comparison to what you can do elsewhere, not limited to the mainland) job. I think they wear living there for years
    as a badge of honor because it is sucks so much, it is an endurance contest. I have never been to a place where people introduce themselves by how long they have lived there, Really. Who cares. The longer you live in Hawaii, the crazier you become. I am an educated person who has held a professional job for some years, and decided to move out to Hawaii with my fiancee to start our new lives together. After much planning and saving, off we went to begin our future. I have lived and travelled all over the world, so I figured I could make it anywhere. This still holds true. I can make it anywhere. But damn did I hate Hawaii, and I wouldn't want to live there if it were free.

    First, while I appreciate cultures in all shapes and styles, I will say the culture of Hawaii doesn't have a whole lot to capture my interest. I do not find the inability to spell or speak English (should it be the speakers primary language of course) acceptable by any means. And yes, I probably
    have some errors in here, but please, don't bother being trivial by pointing them out, you get the point. I do not find the local color charming by any means. To me, it is base.

    Second, The weather claims to be so beautiful. Bull. It is blazing hot, monotonous, humid and no matter how many showers I took, I felt dirty. My fiancee and I always woke up in a pool of sweat and we couldn't even fall asleep in each others arms anymore because it was too damn hot. Why not run the AC you ask? Because our electric bill was 300 bucks a month and that is just running a couple of fans and really trying to conserve energy in our
    900 dollar a month studio shithole. Of course my college degree not only did not matter but was basically frowned upon (what, she thinks she is better than us??), I found myself working the WORST job of my life. You have to
    work there YEARS just to be a waiter, and the waiters would not even talk to me because I was just so lowly. Seriously, to be shunned by waiters at a crappy job was just too much. Plus I busted my *** and made the worst money
    I have made since high school. Ughh. Just writing this gets me heated. I wouldn't feel so demeaned working hard at a low paying job if there was a sense of family, but there wasn't. I was a serf and treated as such.
    Bullshit I say. NEVER, not because I am better, but because I would never treat someone like that no matter what they were doing.

    Third, Rock fever, man. I have to see more than just what is Hawaiian. I
    need a rest from it. A reprieve. Not happening. All Hawaii, all the time. It is enough to make me want to slit my wrists. I like museums, art is a vise
    to me, seeing shows, going to a reading, a concert, whatever. I need that stuff like I need water. If you just want to sit on a beach and talk about nothing all day while slaughtering the English language, Hawaii is for you. Not me. If anyone local reads this, all I can say is, it is truly your loss. I have dedicated my life to helping others who move to the States
    figure it out and get comfortable. It is my occupation.

    Perhaps this is why I am so sensitive to such an attitude coming from people who have no right to have one. Island hillbillys I call you. Get some education and then maybe I will think your point is valid. Otherwise, enjoy your crappy lives.
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    [chuckle] Now this piece clearly is written by a haole (Caucasian) who totally expected paradise to be at his feet.
    ...then reality struck!

    The original poster is right. Funny how some local "Jap", "Glen Miyashiro" calls you one "Haole?" Well, I ever see your Jap ass in person I'll fuck you up like they did me during "Beat up Haole Day" You fucking slant eyed fucking JAP

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