• Why Am I Being Blamed for Covid Lockdowns?

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    Why Am I Being Blamed for Covid Lockdowns?
    Letters, 12/3/21, Wall St. Journal

    As one of those “older voters” Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.
    refers to in “Is This a ‘Normal’ Covid Winter?” (Business
    World, Nov. 27), I take issue with his depiction of us as
    “terrified” of the virus & “unstinting in our willingness
    to impose costs on young people for steps that lack any real
    benefit.” As if it weren’t enough that, in our golden years
    we were forced into lives of seclusion, locked in nursing &
    retirement homes with meals delivered to our doors, & told
    we must settle for visits with kids & grandkids thru closed
    windows for our own good, now Jenkins implies that we were
    behind these measures.

    Most older folks are more philosophical about life & death
    than younger people. We're alarmed at the loss of freedoms
    & what that will mean to future generations; appalled at
    the costs that'll be passed along to our kids & grandkids;
    & deeply disappointed in the politicization of a tragic event.
    But we aren't so self-centered & tenacious of life that we'd
    sacrifice the future of our kids & grandkids for a few more
    months or years in this vale of tears.

    Most of us (me, my husband, family & friends) took measures
    to protect ourselves so we could continue our lives & avoid
    burdening our kids with severe illness or death of their
    parents. At no time did we insist that our kids or grandkids
    take any measures themselves. The only gatherings we avoided
    were the ones in which the younger folk were extremely fearful
    of Covid. I've never recommended the vaccine except on a
    general basis. I'm not in favor of mandates & wouldn't suggest that

    kids be vaccinated, especially if it's done solely to
    protect the elderly. Much was done allegedly for the good of
    the older people. It was done without our consent or approval.

    -- Jane Heffley, Indianapolis

    Ray Campbell, 1 week ago
    Oh, good lord, the whining from the Trumpers is insufferable!
    You were asked to wear a little mask and do some simple
    social distancing. Nobody asked you to storm the beaches at
    Normandy. Be an example for your grandkids & stop your whining.
    Donald Larson, 1 week ago
    Not quite.
    2.5 million people died in 2020 from causes other than COVID.
    They were locked at home, denied last weddings to attend,
    reunions, sporting events, music and the family gatherings
    that add meaning to life. They died alone in order to
    keep them safe.
    Wayne Grabow, 1 week ago
    Elderly people in assisted living were confined to their
    rooms with standardized, cold meals delivered to their
    doors, socially similar to solitary confinement. That's
    far more than what you state, Ray; but not a surprise,
    given the source. These elderly people have already lived
    full lives & never asked that everyone sacrifice for them.
    Steven Miller, 6 days ago
    Actually Ray were weren't "asked", we were forced -
    slight difference there buddy.
    DOUGLAS DYER, 6 days ago
    Oh good lord is right. Talk about whining & insufferable.
    You represent the "do what you are told" crowd.
    No objectivity, no critical thought, just the same
    tired narratives. I suspect you only hope to achieve
    Jethro Bodine's academic record.
    PAUL BERGKAMP, 6 days ago
    Unfortunately the Covid containment has been politized &
    thus poorly articulated, & in cases poorly managed. This
    was never about rights, but about duty: our duty to protect
    our healthcare system from a massive bubble of disease,

    hospitalizations & deaths (recall the graphs early on?).
    Just imagine the domino effect on the country if doctors,
    nurses, EMT's & facilities crash. Imagine all heart attacks,
    accidents, overdoses, treatments, etc. Imagine the cry from
    relatives because their "Janes" are suffering or passed
    without care. Just imagine if Covid just was left run
    loose "to everyone's choice". This is still the big risk.
    Ask your doctors (don't make it up please).
    I disagree with mandates, but when folks act like children,
    they get treated like children. My mask, my vaccine, my care
    is my duty for healthcare system and my country that I so
    much love. And by the way, we're doing great compared to
    any other free countries. Let's get this over with.
    James Wallace, 6 days ago
    If the world is gonna beat the pandemic, countries need
    policies that promote a basic, but increasingly forgotten,
    idea: that our individual flourishing is bound up in
    collective well-being.
    Ed Kelly, 6 days ago
    Masks don't work.
    Just theater and virtue signaling.
    Steven Novotny, 6 days ago
    Ignorance is a luxury in abundance. Masks diminish the the
    likelihood of transmission. Your limited comprehension
    doesn't understand this benefit to the populace. I hope you
    read Bergkamp's post. It's spot on. Having been on the front
    line as a physician I can tell you Bergkamp is 100% correct.
    We had to shut down our local hospitals to trauma & transfers
    from outlying facitities many times.
    Kate M, 6 days ago
    Masks do work for some things. I haven't had a cold since
    this whole thing started. I still go about my day & mask up
    where required. Since I always got a cold at least once a
    year in the past I can only guess that the masks do help.
    I hate the masks but don't miss feeling lousy for 2-4 weeks
    with a cold.
    Anita Hand, 5 days ago
    Who determines the "parents" and the "children"?
    STAN DIAMOND, 1 week ago
    In March 2020, Dan Patrick, Texas’ Republican Lt. Gov. said
    that he & other grandparents would be willing to risk their
    health, & even lives, in order to get the U.S. back to work
    during the pandemic. Not too many seniors took Patrick up on
    his offer, nor did he himself follow thru. Senior lives also
    Steven Miller, 6 days ago
    Stan give us an example of what you think taking
    "Patrick up on his offer" means.
    Scott D, 6 days ago
    Anyone is free to cower in their basements if they wish.
    At this point they'll have lost 2 years off the rest of
    their lives. Or you can manage risk & get on with your
    life. Trump's Warp Speed Vaccines have been politicized by
    Republicans and weaponized by Democrats.
    Steven Schonert, 1 week ago
    This grandparent agrees with you.
    STEVEN SALLWASSER, 1 week ago
    While as a grandparent I agree to a great extent, it's the
    media that is only providing negative info that's scaring
    the daylights out of people. Isn't it because they have
    no belief in heaven or hell? Segregation is destroying our
    country. Suicides have doubled in the last two years.
    Isn't it time we stopped the scare mongering?
    Have you noticed that it's the liberals that are most scared
    of COVID and Conservatives have taken an attitude that God
    is in charge & I have very little control if I live or die,
    but I still need to do my part in living healthy?
    Lynn McLinden, 6 days ago
    This is a great observation by Jane Heffley.
    I heartily join her in saying I never wanted the extremely
    overdone public policies forced on people by officials'
    pushing their emergency authorities to the limit and
    sometimes beyond. After the understandable early period,
    in which an "abundance of caution" was warranted until
    actual data emerged, those in authority should have stepped
    back to an increasing extent to reassess what policies were
    in the overall best interests of the country.
    Most people now recognize that effectively locking down our
    economy was unnecessary and has done incalculable harm in
    many ways to our nation and its people. The continued efforts
    by the Biden admin & others to maintain the now-obvious
    politicization of Covid-19 in various ways must end.
    Like, yesterday.
    Mary Zahran, 5 days ago
    Ever since this pandemic began, I've had the impression that
    many of those making decisions and shaping public policy
    have the misguided belief that they can find a way to
    create a world with zero risk if they just keep trying.
    I've been around long enough to know that this just isn't
    possible. Just being alive carries a certain amount of
    inherent risk. Continuing to shut down our country, stoking
    fear in Americans, & demonizing groups of people for what
    they do or don't do are not helpful solutions either.
    Donna L Strand, 5 days ago
    Life is perilous and staying alive has forever been a bit
    of a challenge;)

    Chas E Wortz, 6 days ago
    Panic seems to be the default mode for snowflakes & the
    ruling elites know it & take advantage of it every time
    they can. They don't care who gets hurt as long as they
    get to expand their power over us.
    Mr Hosking, 5 days ago
    Thanks for succinctly getting to the heart of the problem.
    John C, 6 days ago
    It seems that the entire premise of the left is that this
    virus isn't endemic & can be controlled/contained. Given
    that all history & logic of this disease defies their
    assumption, maybe getting the left to “ understand the
    science” should be the first step, not the last.
    Anita Hand, 5 days ago
    Good luck with "let us reason together". Unfortunately,
    they "know" - so no need to think. It's apparently a fairly
    common variant of human nature. We must use our superpower,
    James Wallace, 6 days ago
    I turn 68 next week, & am insulin dependent type 2 diabetic.
    I'm also a retired family doctor. I disagree with the author
    of this letter. I do think immunization should be mandated
    to protect the older citizens of this country. That's not
    selfish; to risk a cohort of people because you are 'free'
    to reject a vaccine is the epitome of selfishness. Blame me
    if you wish, but we immunize for a reason...it's good science
    & accepted that regarding global health, immunizations are
    one of the best things to happen to the human population ever.
    Anita Hand, 5 days ago
    Why is the flu vaccine not mandated?
    Richard Sebulsky, 6 days ago
    very true. from the beginning I've stated that it's my
    responsibility to protect myself; not yours!!
    Warren Beeton, 6 days ago
    "very true. from the beginning I've stated that it's my
    responsibility to protect myself; not yours!!"
    Do you also say that you can break school zone speeding
    laws & threaten the lives of others? You’re saying exactly
    that for COVID.
    lewis guignard, 6 days ago
    I don't believe Richard is saying any of those things at
    all. For you to make those arguments tells one that you're
    either incapable of following the logic of a statement to
    a conclusion or that you have a political agenda for which
    you need to make irrational statements to support.
    Or both.
    Warren Beeton, 6 days ago
    I don't believe Richard is saying any of those things at
    all. That's exactly what Richard means -- that his duty
    is only to himself, & if he infects others because he
    refuses to mask or vaccinate, that's their problem, not his
    Steven Miller, 6 days ago
    If masks & vaccines work so well what do you care what
    Richard does. If they don't work why are you so bent on
    forcing everyone to use/get them?
    Michael Meriwether, 6 days ago
    Don't use logic on warren. It doesn't work.
    Kelly Winnett, 6 days ago
    Our duty is to protect ourselves. I'm sorry you think it's
    someone else’s responsibility to protect you.
    RONALD OLSZEWKI, 6 days ago
    I often hear from people such as the above writer that if
    people would just follow the rules, this would all just go
    away quickly. There's no evidence that we can eliminate the
    disease. It was & is being tried throughout the world & yet
    we continue to have surges. Lockdown & isolation slow the
    spread, which in other word extends the length of time of
    the pandemic. It doesn't in any way stop. Some, like the
    above should stay isolated.
    "Do you also say that you can break school zone speeding
    laws & threaten the lives of others? You’re saying exactly
    that for COVID."
    Do you say we should keep students home because the
    speeding laws may be broken?
    Warren Beeton, 6 days ago
    "Do you say we should keep students home because the
    speeding laws may be broken?"
    I expect drivers to observe the speed limit because they
    have a responsibility not to endanger the lives of our kids.
    Do you not expect citizens to also follow public health
    measures such as mask wearing & vaccination so they don't
    risk infecting others, thereby jeopardizing their health &
    safety? Or do you find this question too difficult to confront?
    Ed Kelly, 6 days ago
    Masks don't work.
    Why is this fact so difficult to accept?
    Michael Varney, 6 days ago
    Right!...except that they do. Why do you think there was
    no influenza last year? Because Covid "crowded it out"?
    They aren't perfect, nothing is...even vaccines & prior
    illness. It's but a part of the mitigation process & not
    an inconsequential one.
    If you are soooooo sure masks are useless at inhibiting the
    transfer of disease.....make sure you instruct your surgical
    team not to wear them next time you have a procedure.
    DOUGLAS DYER, 6 days ago
    You are confusing your belief system with facts. Studies
    show that cloth masks provide no protection.
    Steven Novotny, 6 days ago
    Spun Melt Blown polyester fabric masks do significantly
    diminish transmission of particles. This is what the medical
    profession uses.
    Steven Novotny, 6 days ago
    Jeez. Once in my life I agree with Warren. The 7th seal
    has been broken.
    Suzan Wilson, 1 week ago
    Many people are potentially vulnerable to covid & other
    contagious conditions: most of us have family members,
    friends, even ourselves - who are "immune-compromised" by
    autoimmune diseases, cancer treatments, genetic conditions,
    etc. This isn't new, it's a fact of life for many!
    Sometimes it's transitory other times lifelong. What IS new,
    is this notion that EVERYONE needs to take various measures
    to protect "vulnerables" including people who "can't" (or
    won't) be vaccinated. This is effectively making everybody
    responsible for all conceivable vulnerabilities. It's
    ineffective, almost silly. In my experience medically vulner-
    able people have ALWAYS taken measures to protect ourselves.
    Our family and close friends create "personal pods". We
    avoid crowds, use medical grade masks, etc. HOWEVER, we DO
    NOT EXPECT everybody else to do it "for" us. We're happy
    to see them more free, less vulnerable, & HOPE we too can
    join their ranks someday. Rather than the opposite.
    Thomas Villa, 1 week ago
    Unfortunately, our public health response to the pandemic
    was politicized from its early days, perhaps most vocifer-
    ously by those claiming to "follow the science," a mantra
    they use to bully others who may have different circumstances
    or personal factors to consider in the benefit-risk assess-
    ments we all must make. Look closely and you'll see that
    dividing us into "vaccinated" v. "unvaccinated" or "healthy"
    v. "vulnerable" are little more than new labels for the
    progressive's typical divisors of "oppressed" & "oppressor."
    Steve Gokorsch, 5 days ago
    "OK Boomer" is a refrain often heard. Apparently Boomers
    who are now aging are indeed responsible for the world as
    we know it. However is wasn't Boomers who locked down the
    nation. Let's be honest, it was the politicians WE elected
    who reacted so irrationally AND they were supported by the
    Media. Great letter Jane. Thanks for the insight.
    Roland Meisner, 5 days ago
    She's right, who cares if Jane remains in her vale of tears.
    Patrick Bryant, 5 days ago
    Very well said, as a member of the seniors group I agree.
    Unfortunately politicians and their bureaucratic overlords
    relish fear and a crisis. It gives them an opportunity
    to grab more power. It isn't about science at all, it's
    all about power. The speech from Murrow that stated that
    "we're not descended from fearful men" is no longer true
    in the West. We're a nation of fearful men and women.
    Western civilization is driven by fear with no sense of
    proportional risk. Now that the military leadership is
    infected with fear & wokeness, my only fear is for our
    freedom. NH motto "Live free or die!" is no longer relevant
    to the vast majority of Americans.
    ROBERT S WILLIAMS, 5 days ago
    Amen. As a person in her 80s, I agree wholeheartedly! Since
    I just don’t trust others (or expect them to protect me),
    I got vaxxed plus “boosted” to protect myself (it's beyond
    me to understand why others don’t make the same decision.)
    the Missus
    Greg Brown, 5 days ago
    Indiana (& most of fly-over country) remains a redoubt of
    (bipartisan) decency. - Take THAT, Brandon
    Mr Hosking, 5 days ago
    Very well said. The irrational fear & tendency to impose
    draconian & illogical mandates has been prolonged in
    reliably blue states (Washington, Oregon, Calif., NY NJ
    etc) which seems to imply the issue is more a matter of
    politics than age.
    Debi Nicolas, 5 days ago
    Great piece. Thank you for writing this as I've found the
    same with many older Americans. Sadly, my elementary
    children remained masked all day at school in the name of
    protecting the elderly, despite low transmission & high
    vaccination in the community. Anyone who opposes such
    views is accused of being selfish & ostracized. I worry
    about what we've done to our kids. I especially worry about
    minority kids - who were often far behind before this virus
    - unable to catch up with what was lost during the pandemic
    (oh the hypocrisy given the BLM movement). The social
    repercussions are yet to come.
    robert browder, 5 days ago
    I call the response to this virus the 3S’s: Shame, Shot, or
    Shun. (Disclaimer: I worked to receive the vaccination as
    soon as possible, I’m in the older cohort, by no means am
    I anti-vax). Information should be readily available & not
    restricted so that individuals can make a choice. Mandates
    aren't the way out of the virus unless authorities go door
    to door with enforcers. The most ignorant actions from the
    young are requiring people they come into contact with to
    be vaccinated even though health authorities say that
    unvaccinated & vaccinated can spread the virus equally well.
    Fauci & Birx with their 2 weeks to flatten the curve was
    the action I agreed with but it has never ended. Travel
    restrictions to the US while allowing tens of thousands to
    cross the southern border is truly epitome of insane policy.
    “When in danger, fear, or doubt, run in circles, scream &
    James H, 6 days ago
    As a non-minority person over 65, based on what I read in
    the mainstream media, literally everything that happens in
    the world today is your fault.
    J Seders, 6 days ago
    Madame, I'm so with you. While just past the first rung of
    the age for concern, & in general excellent health, I never
    did, & never would ask for my kids to sacrifice themselves
    for me. Your piece was excellent. You get a Bravo!
    Terry Oxley, 6 days ago
    Well said & very likely a consensus of older Americans.
    CHRIS STINNETT, 6 days ago
    This woman expresses my views precisely. Thank you, WSJ,
    for publishing this well-written letter. Connie (on hubby's
    John Brewer, 6 days ago
    Death is inevitable, Covid is only one of many causes.
    Vaccination significantly decreases Covid death but not
    transmission which limits the value of mandatory vaxx.
    Evidence is lacking that catching Covid from a vaccinated
    person will be any less severe than from a nonvaccinated
    person. The evidence suggests Covid will follow the pattern
    of influenza, many variants & short term benefits for
    vaccines requiring regular boosters.
    People afraid of Covid should self quara5ntine & follow all
    the prevention protocols to decrease their chance of death
    by Covid. Those who don't vaccinate should be willing to
    accept responsibilty for death from Covid, both their own
    & of any who they infect, perhaps unknowingly.
    JANE ANTLEY, 6 days ago
    Great letter! The seniors I'm in contact with have echoed
    your opinions over these last two years. It's not our
    seniors who are fearful & freaking out. The most fearful
    & intolerant of any risk I've encountered have been women
    in their 40s & 50s.
    DENNIS BROWN, 6 days ago
    I agree with you Jane, I told my daughter & her cousins at
    the time that the fact that I'm at risk was my problem,
    not theirs. I went on to say that the fact that I needed
    to be around people less in no way meant they had to stay
    shut in as well.
    Karen Maki, 6 days ago
    Bravo. My sentiments exactly.
    kim wallace, 6 days ago
    RIGHT ON JANE!!! I completely agree. (I'm 66.) I've always
    felt it was a selfish policy to lockdown & mandate vaccines
    especially since young people are rarely affected with
    serious disease. The price to society has been unreasonable
    & unfair to many.
    ROGER ROTHENBERGER, 6 days ago
    Wells spoken and correct (I am nearly 80)
    Melissa Kauth, 6 days ago
    Agree completely, Jane.
    J Crowley, 6 days ago
    Fit the demographic & will take precautions as I believe
    necessary. But if I have to choose between living an
    extra 10 years in a complete bubble or taking some careful
    risks & hugging my grandkids, then I'll be hugging the
    grandkids - briefly, & all masked.
    Judy Harmon Smith, 1 week ago
    Well said, Jane! I totally agree. -- Early boomer
    JEROME PETRUK, 1 week ago
    The average reader of the WSJ isn't one to call for massive
    shutdown measures for a virus. So it follows that this
    letter & the other responses here also don't favor shutdowns.
    But the readership response of more collectivist publications
    was overwhelmingly in favor of giving every power, right, &
    dollar that the govt said it needed...as long as it wasn't
    Fred Douglas, 1 week ago
    I'm not sure I fit the demographic, but of of those I know
    that clearly do we’re never in favor of these lockdowns &
    various other restrictions & requirements & are vehemently
    against mandates.
    Arthur Willows, 1 week ago
    I'm 80, & know a bunch of other seniors, so will cast a vote
    here.... I don't know anyone who fits Jenkins' prescription
    of 'older voters'. It's really silly to fuss about COVID,
    without a rational comparison to the collateral damage
    caused by public policies that harm families, depress
    healthy as well as sick seniors, marriages, children, jobs,
    small businesses, education, etc..
    K Wills, 1 week ago
    Speak truth to power!
    Wayne Grabow, 1 week ago
    At age 75, I second everything you said, Jane.
    David Weisz, 1 week ago
    Agreed, as one of those early baby boomers. And, having
    lived in some sketchy places (some requiring multiple
    vaccinations) with security concerns, for a good portion
    of my life, the threat of Covid seems to me to be a trifle.
    Thomas Meier, 1 week ago
    Most older folks...
    I'm not sure it it's most. Just as age only brings wisdom
    if you're the sort of person who's inclined to cultivate it
    many old people are the same callow self-centered beings
    they were when young.


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