• Biden Sending Notices to Appear To 78,000 Illegal Immigrants

    From El Castor@21:1/5 to All on Fri Nov 12 22:30:17 2021
    CBS 11/8/2021
    "U.S. to send deportation case notices to 78,000 migrants who were not
    fully processed"
    "Starting Monday, U.S. immigration authorities will dispatch packets
    of legal documents that will instruct migrants, many of them families
    with children, to show up to court hearings before immigration judges,
    who will determine whether the new arrivals will be allowed to stay in
    the country, the sources said." ... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/u-s-to-send-deportation-case-notices-to-78000-migrants-who-were-not-fully-processed/

    Hmmm, how it is that the Biden Administration has the mailing
    addresses of 78,000 illegal immigrants who were "not fully processed"?
    If they fail to show, but have situated themselves in "sanctuary"
    cities or states, or parts unknown -- what then? History has shown
    that the majority of orders to appear are ignored, and if deportation
    orders follow the failure, those orders will also be ignored. Gosh, is
    it possible that Biden and his cronies are well aware of those grim
    facts and don't give a damn? Count on it.

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