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    As Bikers Throng the Streets, ‘It’s Like Paris Is in Anarchy’
    By Liz Alderman, 10/2/21, NY Times

    Parisians have heeded the call: A million people in a
    metropolis of 10 million are now pedaling daily. And Paris
    now ranks among the world’s top 10 cycling cities.
    But with success has come major growing pains.

    “It’s like Paris is in anarchy,” said Jean-Conrad LeMaitre,
    a former banker who was out for a stroll recently along
    the Rue de Rivoli. “We need to reduce pollution & improve
    the environment,” he said. “But everyone is just doing as
    they please. There are no police, no fines, no training
    & no respect.”

    “From an environmental point of view, we don’t want to see
    the city go back to cars,” Ms. Juratowitch said. “But it’s
    not safe. It’s as if bikes and pedestrians don’t know how
    to coexist.”

    Saskia, 12, chimed in. “It’s not the bikes, it’s the
    bikers,” she said. “They think the rules apply to
    everyone except them.”


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