• Re: 'Replacement' Says Fox Racist Tucker Carlson?

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    Fox News: "Tucker Carlson's Latest Racist “Great Replacement” Monologue"

    Media Matters
    -- https://www.mediamatters.org/tucker-carlson/white-nationalists-and-far-right-personalities-are-celebrating-tucker-carlsons

    I'm not a big fan of Tucker Calson. I just heard him bitching about
    vaccine and left the room, but on this issue I am in complete
    agreement. Biden's open border policy is gradually destroying the
    United States. Progressives (a synonym for socialists) thirst for
    third world immigration -- immigration that they will use to bend what
    remains of the United States to their left wing will. Oh, but it will
    be wonderful, as wonderful as Honduras and El Salvador. They must be
    dancing in the street in Beijing.

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