• US businesses on Canadian border want their customers back

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    By Kim Mackrael
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    MASSENA, N. Y.—It’s late September, and Mike McCabe is getting ready to
    put down the first layers of ice on the arena in this village of about

    In a typical winter, the 1,600-seat venue hosts weekend hockey
    tournaments and figure-skating competitions that often draw dozens of
    Canadian families. But Massena is bracing for the absence of Canadian
    visitors again this year, along with other communities on the U.S. side
    of the border, more than 18 months after it was first closed to
    nonessential, overland visitors.

    Border towns from Blaine, Wash., to Houlton, Maine, had hoped that the
    U.S. would reciprocate after Canada last month began allowing fully
    vaccinated Americans to enter the country. But while U.S. rules allow
    Canadians to fly into the U.S. if they take a pre-travel Covid-19 test,
    they prevent Canadians from driving across the border unless their trip
    is deemed essential.


    Hundred of thousands of illegal immigrants with the COVID virus just
    walk across the Southern border, and Canadians can't cross over to shop
    or watch a ball game.

    Does that make sense?

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