• starmer's economic and sociail madness - vat on schooling

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    recommended reading...

    "We note in Appendix 1 that a 23% VAT on education in Greece (in
    apparent contravention of EU law) caused, according to The
    Economist,17 “general mayhem” for exactly the reasons we outline
    here: migration into the overburdened state sector, school closures,
    job losses, tax avoidance, and a “gap between theory and practice”.
    The implementation was scrutinised in the European Parliament,
    where it was noted as “likely to cause financial hardship to thousands
    of families”.18 Any review of the effect of VAT seems incomplete
    without mention of the Greek experience."
    [p. 10, Short-Term Thinking: Analysing the Effect of Applying VAT to
    School Fees, Adam Smith Institute, 17/3/2024; link to 38-page pdf https://shorturl.at/brMZ3]

    this paper is a reaonable summary of the variable and inevitable
    innumeracy of socialists,
    driven by envy and wishful thinking over
    analysis and pragmatism.....

    god help britain if they elect starmer and his band of fantassts.....

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