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    DeSantis bravely goes anti-vax on new COVID booster. Enough trying to
    protect Floridians!
    Floridians and other folks who get their health advice from Dr. DeSantis
    are done listening to your ridiculously sensible and well-researched
    Rex Huppke

    Hello, and welcome to the free state of Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis
    is responsibly telling residents under 65 years old to defy the advice of
    the Food and Drug administration and Centers for Disease Control and
    Prevention and not get the updated COVID-19 vaccine.


    I’m proud to finally have a public servant and a Republican presidential primary candidate willing to look voters in the eyes and effectively say: “Sure, all the so-called doctors and scientists are telling you this
    vaccine is safe and will save lives. But I’m telling you it’s OK to ignore them, to stop believing in 'experts' and to put your faith in me, a person
    who is definitely not opportunistically catering to the radical, anti-
    science elements of his base in an effort to gain traction in a primary
    race I am losing, badly.”

    That’s good enough for me, governor!
    DeSantis really saying 'Don't trust the CDC or the FDA. Trust me!'

    For too long we Americans have suffered under the tyrannical boot of
    public health, common sense and basic hygiene.

    In a panel discussion with Florida’s surgeon general, DeSantis said: “I
    will not stand by and let the FDA and CDC use healthy Floridians as guinea
    pigs for new booster shots that have not been proven to be safe or
    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis watches as nurse Christine Philips left,
    administers the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for COVID-19 to Vera Leip, 88, a resident of John Knox Village, Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2020, in Pompano Beach,

    And how did CDC Director Mandy Cohen respond to DeSantis’ bold “I, a politician, know better than you doctors” vaccine comment?

    In the typical, lame manner of a reasoned expert supported by a broad
    coalition of scientists and medical professionals: “They are proven safe;
    they are effective, and they have been thoroughly and independently
    reviewed by the FDA and CDC. Since this administration’s launch of the
    largest adult vaccination program in our nation’s history, COVID-19
    vaccines have saved millions of lives and kept countless people out of the hospital. Public health experts are in broad agreement about these facts,
    and efforts to undercut vaccine uptake are unfounded and dangerous.”

    A classic fact-based response to something I prefer to believe because it doesn’t require me to think or read anything. Have more than 90,000
    Floridians died of COVID-19 since the pandemic began? Sure, if you believe
    in counting. But who's to say a vaccine that, according to a 2022 "study"
    by "respected epidemiologists," prevented more than 3 million additional
    deaths nationwide make a difference moving forward?
    Medical experts have criticized Florida's surgeon general – so I shall
    trust him!

    I’ve got news for you, medical and scientific community: Floridians and
    other folks who get their health advice from Dr. DeSantis are done
    listening to your ridiculously sensible and well-researched arguments. We
    have strong feelings about not getting the new COVID-19 vaccine – call
    them vibes, if you will – so we’re just going to go with those.

    Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo, who was sharply criticized
    throughout the pandemic simply because his views on vaccines ran counter
    to virtually every sane medical health professional and he altered a study
    to make it seem like vaccines carry greater risk, is behind DeSantis’
    advice to avoid the latest jab.
    Joseph Ladapo Surgeon General of Florida listens from the side as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gives a speech at the Fire restaurant in Winter
    Haven Fl Thursday March 16,2023. Ernst Peters/The Ledger

    Some sheeple might ask: Why would you follow the advice of the doctor
    who’s saying things all the other doctors are calling kooky?

    It’s simple. As DeSantis and many in the Republican Party have tried to
    make clear over the years, you never want to listen to the experts.
    Don't listen to experts on medical advice, just follow the vibes and

    For example, I needed an electrician so I had a bunch come to the house.
    Four of them suggested replacing an electric wire that runs through the basement because it was old and frayed. But the fifth said that was dumb
    and suggested I just let him wrap it in dry hay and duct tape, then put a gallon of gasoline nearby. If it gives me any more trouble, he said, the ensuing fire will alert me and then we can figure it out from there.

    It's COVID vaccine season!Why do Republicans hate the one thing Trump did right?

    I liked the cut of that guys jib, so I went with him, and now that my
    house burned down, I don’t even have to worry about that wire!

    So of course I’m in favor of DeSantis and his attempt to demonize the
    nation’s leading public health agency.
    I don't need the CDC telling me to wash my hands or not touch turtles

    You want to know some other nutty things the CDC recommends? Here are a
    few examples:

    “Practice good oral hygiene. Brush teeth thoroughly twice a day and floss
    daily between the teeth to remove dental plaque.” GET OUT OF MY MOUTH,
    I'm not going to let the government tell me how to touch a turtle.

    “You can get sick from touching a turtle or anything in its environment
    and then touching your mouth or food with unwashed hands and swallowing Salmonella germs.” I will touch turtles and then touch my mouth whenever
    and wherever I want to, thank you very much. THIS IS AMERICA!

    “Choose carbs that are higher in fiber and lower in added sugar. For
    example, say yes to beans and sweet potatoes; say no to sugary drinks and chips.” GO TO HELL!

    “Avoid contact with persons with symptoms of diphtheria, such as fever,
    sore throat, difficulty swallowing, change in voice, shortness of breath, weakness, or fatigue. Avoid touching the wounds of others.” It is my God-
    given right to contact people with symptoms of diphtheria and touch their wounds if I want to, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let some big- government know-it-alls tell me otherwise.
    DeSantis free state of Florida is the place to go if you believe in your
    right to die from a preventable disease

    By going against the grain and encouraging Americans to distrust sound
    medical advice regarding the new coronavirus vaccine at a time when his
    own state has more people in the hospital with COVID-19 than any other
    state, Gov. DeSantis is showing me the kind of leadership this country

    Because nobody gets to tell me I have to wash my hands after touching raw
    meat. I’m my own person and I trust anyone who tells me what I want to


    https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/columnist/2023/09/14/desantis- covid-vaccine-guidance-anti-vax-public-health/70853848007/

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