• Re: (OT) Roger Stone Recorded Details of Fake Electors Plot Days After

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    On Friday, August 18, 2023 at 9:16:16 AM UTC-4, Pelle Svanslös wrote in rec.sport.tennis:
    A video obtained by MSNBC shows Donald Trump’s former political advisor Roger Stone dictating the rationale behind a plan to undermine the certification of Electoral College votes days before the outcome of the
    2020 election was announced.

    In the video, Stone, speaking slowly to an associate who is transcribing
    his words, states that “the final decision as to who the state legislatures authorize the send to the electoral college is a decision
    made solely by the legislature.”

    “Any legislative body may decide on the basis of overwhelming evidence
    of fraud to send electors to the electoral college who accurately
    reflect the president’s legitimate victory in their state, which was illegally denied him through fraud,” Stone adds.

    Stone concludes by asserting that “we must prepare to lobby our
    Republican legislatures, by personal contact, and by demonstrating the overwhelming will of the people in their states — in each state — that this may need to happen.”

    On Monday, Donald Trump and 18 of his associates were indicted in a sprawling RICO case in Georgia alleging that the former president and
    his allies engaged in a criminal enterprise with the goal of overturning
    the results of the 2020 election.

    While Stone is not a defendant in the indictment, it does mention 30
    unnamed unindicted co-conspirators, and focuses heavily on the plot to
    use fake electors to subvert the results of the vote in key battleground states.

    The new recording provides insight into how soon after the election the
    plot was being discussed by those close to Trump. The day before the
    Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, where the fake electors scheme came to its violent crescendo, Trump demanded his then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows
    (who was also indicted on Monday) place a call to Stone.

    Days before the riot took place, Stone was present during a call where
    his aide encouraged Trump supporters and allies of the former president
    to “descend on the Capitol,” on Jan. 6, 2021.

    Stone, a key figure in the orchestration of the Brooks Brothers Riots following the 2000 election, also publicly suggested Trump — should he fail to win the election — consider declaring “martial law,” invoking the Insurrection Act, and prepare to seize ballots and file legal
    challenges in contested states.

    In 2019, Stone was found guilty of seven counts including witness
    tampering and lying to Congress related to his role in the Wikileaks scandal. Trump pardoned Stone days before his 40 months prison sentence
    was set to begin, literally freeing him up to aid in his reelection effort.


    The chain gang is calling Roger Stone.

    "And off they went, from here to there,
    The bear, the bear, and the maiden fair"
    -- Traditional

    He has too many connections to go to jail.

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