• Former Georgetown law professor called racist by students as he deliver

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    By Megan Myers
    Published March 15, 2023

    A former law professor said the students who called him racist and
    tried to cancel his lecture on free speech aren't going to "cut it in
    the real world."

    Ilya Shapiro, a former Georgetown University law professor, was invited
    by University of Denver law students with the Federalist Society to
    give his speech, "Silencing minorities: Free speech on campus," on
    March 7. But the Colorado college's chapter of the National Lawyers
    Guild attempted to cancel his speech and tweeted that the school
    administrators and police present during the lecture were making the
    campus "safe for racists" as students stood up for "anti-racism."

    "It's not mere disagreement," Shapiro, who is now the director of constitutional studies at the Manhattan Institute, told Fox News. "It's
    saying that those who oppose them, those ideas aren't even valid, that
    they're threatening that they're indeed racist or discriminatory in
    some way."

    "I have pretty thick skin," Shapiro said. "All these epithets… it makes
    them look ridiculous."

    Last year, Georgetown placed Shapiro on leave after he criticized
    President Biden's pledge to choose a Black woman for the Supreme Court.
    He ultimately resigned from his post as the executive director of the university's Center for the Constitution in June.

    "Whether you think my positions are reasonable or not, the way to
    oppose them is through advocacy," Shapiro told Fox News. "Feel free to
    protest. Feel free to have a counterargument."

    "But just shouting epithets, that's just not gonna cut it in the real
    world," he added. "You're not gonna be an effective professional."


    I criticized Biden for that too. A Supreme Court justice should be
    chosen for qualifications, not gender and skin color.

    Any counter arguments from you liberals?

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