• Democrats calling driving 'racist' is the new liberal insanity

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    Published March 10, 2023

    Now the list of what qualifies as racist grows by the day. Gas stoves,
    English grammar, mathematics, words like "master bedroom" and "field
    office" — nuh-uh, can't say them. And now we add to that automobiles
    and driving in general.

    A new piece by Sammy Roth and the L.A. Times provides a window into the insanity that is the modern liberal mind. The piece, titled "How White
    and Affluent Drivers Are Polluting the Air Breathed by LA's People of
    Color," says that Mr. Roth is wracked by guilt for how he's driving on
    the 405 to the Valley, and it's not only growing his carbon footprint —
    he's fueling other racist outcomes as well. He said, "I couldn't help
    but consider my own complicity while reading a new study from USC
    researchers." It found "that Angelinos who drive more tend to be
    exposed to less air pollution, and Angelinos who drive less tend to be
    exposed to more pollution."

    Now, the argument is that low-income communities of color were torn
    apart to make way for freeways over the decades, while the Whiter,
    richer neighborhoods don't have to deal with the traffic or the
    freeways. This, the left claims, constitutes environmental racism.

    And who's to blame for the generational poverty that has plagued
    minority neighborhoods in the United States? Liberals, of course, who
    thought that they could replace the nuclear family with big government,
    that's who. The fact is, their policies have failed Black America on
    everything from crime to the economy to education. So now all they can
    do is try to blame America itself. In the practice of racial grievance,
    this has become its own subspecialty.


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