• The COVID mask controversy could have been answered two and a half year

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Mon Mar 6 15:22:21 2023
    By Kira Mautone
    Published March 5, 2023

    A major controversy throughout the pandemic was surrounding the
    efficacy of face masks against the spread of COVID-19. However, a
    recent study supports that masks may have done little, if anything at
    all, to stop the spread of the virus.


    "You have to look, I would love to think that masks did something. But
    the reality is you've got to listen to the data," Makary said about the
    study. "This review looked at 65 studies from 19 countries, including
    the best randomized controlled trials out there. You can't ignore this
    study. It was done by an organization that's considered the highest
    evidence based body in all of medicine, and they set the standards in medicine."


    Of course they did nothing. The doctors knew it at the time, but the
    ones that spoke out were censored by social media.

    A virus is so small it will pass through a mask like it's not there.

    The only thing the media created crisis accomplished was to elect the
    worst president in the history of this country.

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