• Our society doesn't have standards anymore

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Sat Mar 4 08:05:06 2023
    Published March 3, 2023

    Things used to be hard in America. To be the best, you had to work
    hard, and only the best achieved greatness. You wanted to be great
    because greatness won wars. The men who sprinted into gunfire on the
    beaches of Normandy were great.

    So were the ones who planted our flag on Iwo Jima, choked out communism
    in Korea, crawled through the jungles in Vietnam and battled in the hot
    sands of the Middle East. Greatness was everywhere in America because
    greatness was rewarded. If you wanted to go to Harvard or Yale, you had
    to be at the top of your class. They demanded greatness from their

    If you wanted to walk the runway at fashion shows and have your face
    plastered on magazines and billboards, you had to be in tip-top shape,
    stunning enough to make somebody just stop in their tracks. If you
    wanted to run NASA, IBM or Exxon, you had to be the best in the
    business. They demanded greatness from their employees and that demand
    formed generations of excellence.

    The weak were weeded out. The strong were rewarded with money and
    status and a sense of fulfillment. Our society doesn't have standards
    anymore. Everybody gets a trophy. You're not allowed to judge anybody. Nothing's taboo. The people we revered yesterday are despised today.

    Weakness is rewarded and strength is punished. We traded excellence and achievement for diversity and inclusion. It's happening all across the


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