• Pennsylvania district considers bringing 'feelings' into math curriculu

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    By Joshua Q. Nelson
    Published February 27, 2023

    A Pennsylvania school district may incorporate "feelings" into its math curriculum.

    Littlestown Area School District proposed an elementary math curriculum
    that could integrate social-emotional learning into its curriculum.

    "This board needs to decide if they want to make social and emotional
    learning a part of our math curriculum. I do not believe it belongs in
    the math classes," said board member Jeanne Ewen at a board meeting on
    February 13.

    "Some of the questions inside the math workbook ask, ‘Are you
    understanding how other people feel?’ What does this have to do with
    teaching math?"

    According to a global nonprofit called the Committee For Children, social–emotional learning is an educational method that aims to help
    people develop the self-awareness, self-control and interpersonal
    skills that are needed for everyday life.

    "This is just re-packaged critical race theory is what this is," Board
    member Nicki Kenney said.

    The "Reveal Math" program "explores mathematics through a flexible
    lesson design," a "Program Overview" reads for kindergartners through fifth-graders.


    It's the liberals that want to start brainwashing your children as soon
    as they start school. The conservatives want to start educating them.

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