• Detransitioner Chloe Cole announces lawsuit against hospitals 'for push

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    By Kendall Tietz
    Published February 23, 2023

    A prominent detransitioner sued a nationwide medical group and its
    doctors Thursday who she said "decided to perform a mutilating, mimicry
    sex change experiment" on her, according to the lawsuit.

    The Center for American Liberty sued Kaiser Hospitals on behalf of detransitioner Chloe Cole "for pushing her into medical mutilation
    instead of properly treating her," according to Cole's lawyer Harmeet
    K. Dhillon. Between the ages 13–17 years, Cole underwent a transgender transition, including the off-label use of puberty blockers, cross-sex
    hormones and a double mastectomy.

    "What Kaiser did, for profit, to Chloe in the name of woke ideology
    instead of sound medical practice, should not happen to any child in
    America!" Dillon tweeted.


    After she was exposed to online transgender influencers, Cole developed
    "the erroneous idea that she was a boy," according to the lawsuit. When
    she told her parents that she thought she was a boy, they didn’t know
    what to do and sought medical guidance from her doctors who
    "immediately affirmed Chloe in her self-diagnosed gender dysphoria."

    Doctors also told Cole and her parents that her gender dysphoria would
    not resolve itself and told her parents that she was at a high risk for
    suicide unless she socially and medically transitioned, asking them,
    "would you rather have a dead daughter or a live son?," according to


    There are no transgender people. The adults that think they are in the
    body of the wrong sex are mentally ill, and the children that think the
    same thing are influenced by liberal idiots to ruin their lives.

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