• Call Biden, Democrats' agenda exactly what it is: just plain crazy

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Wed Feb 15 11:42:54 2023
    By Liz Peek
    Published February 14, 2023

    No one has better described this moment in our country than Sarah
    Huckabee Sanders, who included those words in her rebuttal to Joe
    Biden’s State of the Union address. The new Arkansas governor is
    correct: on issue after issue, Democrats have veered so far left that
    average Americans are left shaking their heads and wondering: has our
    country gone crazy?

    How can the FBI pay our biggest tech companies to suppress freedom of
    speech and find support among Democrats who have vowed to uphold our constitution?

    How can Joe Biden allow millions of people to enter the country
    illegally, even as his head of Homeland Security lies to Congress that
    "our borders are secure?" How can legislators allow crime to soar but
    still worry more about protecting criminals that protecting us? How can Democrats want boys to compete in girls’ sports but pretend they care
    about women’s rights? How can our president try to shut down our
    productive and bounteous energy industries – and then blame oil
    companies for not investing in more production?

    How can Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats spend trillions of dollars
    after the pandemic economic crisis has passed, igniting inflation and
    allowing millions to leave the workforce, even as our national debt
    skyrockets and leaves our country weaker? And… still push to spend more?

    There is a reason that 75% of the nation thinks we are on the wrong
    track. That is not normal. There is a reason that consumer sentiment is
    mired below historical averages, even though unemployment is at record
    lows. That is not normal, either.

    It is time to call out those on the Left who are ruining our cities and
    states and to ridicule the idiotic woke agenda that has been slapped on
    our communities. It is time to call that agenda what it is: crazy.


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