• Baltimore parent demands action after 23 schools report no math profici

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    By Bailee Hill
    Published February 13, 2023

    Baltimore parents are speaking out against the city's public school
    system after it was revealed that 23 schools reported no students were proficient in math.

    Davida Allen, who has a first-grader in the city's public school
    system, demanded action from politicians after she found out about the
    shocking discovery from the media.


    "Where are things going wrong?


    It's very simple, the teachers are not qualified to teach, there is
    no discipline in schools, and students can not be held back a year even
    if they have a grade of less then seventy.

    Go to a PTA meeting, and listen to your child's teacher when she takes
    the stage.

    My wife and I went to a PTA meeting when our son was in elementary
    school. Our son's teacher was on stage talking about the play ground
    equipment being too close to a wooded area.

    The first words out of her mouth were: "We ain't got no reason for
    having the playground so close to the woods." My wife and I looked at
    each other, and got up and left. The next day our son was enrolled in
    a private school.

    Of course the teacher was black.

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