• School apologizes for the meal it served on first day of Black History

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Sun Feb 5 11:33:12 2023
    By Andrew Mark Miller
    Published February 4, 2023

    A New York middle school is apologizing after serving students with a
    meal on the first day of Black History Month that was deemed to be
    culturally insensitive.

    Administrators at Nyack Middle School say that the hot lunch menu was
    changed by the vendor without their knowledge on Feb. 1, the first day
    of Black History Month, to include chicken and waffles with a
    watermelon dessert, which the school’s principal called an "unfortunate situation,...


    Aramark has found itself in similar situations in years past, including
    an incident in 2011 where UC California-Irvine, an Aramark client, was criticized for serving a "MLH Holiday Special" that featured chicken
    and waffles.


    So it insults them only two days out of the year, and the rest of the
    year they are fine having waffles and chicken?

    How can any food be culturally insensitive, black people and white
    people eat the same food, and always have?

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