• Hunter Biden's email to Burisma business partner infers 'direct access'

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    By Bailee Hill
    Published January 29, 2023

    Sen. Ted Cruz sounded off on an email Hunter Biden sent to a Burisma
    colleague, alleging the correspondence indicates he had access to
    classified material as new information is revealed regarding the
    magnitude of Biden's latest scandal.

    Cruz joined "Sunday Morning Futures" to discuss why the email was
    "unusual" and how it infers that he had "direct access" to the
    information that could be tied to Biden's alleged mishandling of
    thousands of records.

    "Hunter Biden didn't write that," Cruz told Maria Bartiromo. "Hunter
    Biden is not an expert on Ukraine. He's not an expert on Eastern
    Europe. He's not an expert on Russia, but that email did help get him
    on the board of Burisma. It did help get him paid $83,000 a month
    because it showed a level of expertise not coming from him, but he was
    getting it from somewhere. That's clearly from some sort of briefing.
    We don't know whether it was a classified briefing or not, but that is
    the sort of analysis that is often within a classified briefing."

    "And this email is unusual in the Hunter Biden emails, there's a level
    of scholarship and erudition that if it magically appeared, somehow it
    doesn't appear in the other emails he's sending," he continued. "The
    obvious question is what was he cutting and pasting from?


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