• Biden admin issues 20-year mining ban as it turns to foreign supply cha

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    By Thomas Catenacci
    Published January 26, 2023

    The Biden administration on Thursday announced that it would complete a
    20-year withdrawal of 225,504 acres in a northern Minnesota forest area
    that is home to some of the largest domestic critical mineral reserves.

    The action announced by the Department of the Interior (DOI)
    effectively prohibits mining activity from taking place in the Boundary
    Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Duluth, Minnesota, and surrounding area
    for the next two decades.

    However, Twin Metals' mining project contained about 88% of the
    nation's cobalt reserves in addition to vast copper, nickel and
    platinum-group elements. Such critical minerals are vital for various
    green energy technologies like electric vehicle batteries, battery
    storage facilities, solar panels and wind turbines, which the Biden administration has aggressively pushed.


    "If Democrats were serious about developing renewable energy sources
    and breaking China's stranglehold on the global market, they would be
    flinging open the doors to responsible mineral development here in the
    U.S.," House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rep. Bruce Westerman,
    R-Ark., said Thursday in a statement. "We cannot have a future of
    renewable energy without minerals, period — not to mention their
    necessity to our defense systems, satellites, cellphones and virtually
    every other advanced technology."

    "While Democrats play political ping pong with American industries,
    China and Russia are laughing straight to the bank,"...


    Biden is the worst president in this country's history. He is taking
    jobs from American citizens and creating jobs in China.

    This wouldn't happen with a Republican president.

    I always thought democrats were pro labor.

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