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    By Greg Wehner
    Published January 25, 2023

    A California judge issued a preliminary injunction against a state law
    that empowers the Medical Board of California to discipline physicians
    who support opinions about COVID-19 that are not in line with the
    "consensus," according to reports.

    The law, known as Assembly Bill 2098, was set to take effect on Jan. 1,
    2023. Under the law, the Medical Board of California and the
    Osteopathic Medical Board of California could discipline physicians who "disseminate" information about COVID that is not in line with the "contemporary scientific consensus."

    But in November, a group of five California physicians filed a lawsuit
    against California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration, saying the law violates their First Amendment rights and constitutional right to due


    The preliminary injunction temporarily halts the implementation of the
    law while the case is tried in court.

    "The ruling bodes well for our case," Kheriaty tweeted. "It indicates
    that our arguments that this law is unconstitutional have strong
    pre-trial facial plausibility. Not to get ahead of ourselves, of
    course, or try to predict the final outcome of the case, but this is a
    very positive development.


    I'm sure Newsom knew the law was unconstitutional, but that's how
    democrats are, they only want you to hear the opinion they support.

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