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    Too bad he didn't get Nancy and beat her like an egg.

    NBC officials were skeptical of a flawed update on the assault
    on Paul Pelosi just after it aired on the Today show and
    launched a conservative uproar, sources told The Washington
    Post. The network retracted a report by reporter Miguel Almaguer
    that suggested Pelosi was not in immediate danger when police
    arrived at his San Francisco home, saying it “did not meet NBC
    News reporting standards.” Almaguer’s reporting was based on a
    source who “was unreliable regarding the circumstances that the
    police encountered when they arrived at the house,” a person
    familiar told the Post. Network brass was particularly skeptical
    of the claim that Pelosi walked back toward his alleged
    assailant David DePape when officers got to him, which led to
    Almaguer questioning whether Pelosi was still in danger. The
    retraction did nothing to quell the fury of conservative media,
    which seized on the report to fuel conspiracy-minded segments
    about the attack.

    https://www.thedailybeast.com/nbc-was-skeptical-of-flawed-paul- pelosi-report-just-after-it-aired-report-says

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