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    America is in the poor shape it's in because of that half-nigger faggot Obama.

    Inflation has gone up from 1.4% when Biden took office to 8.2%
    in September 2022

    Former President Barack Obama said that President Biden has
    fixed the economy while keeping unemployment low amid an
    inflation rate of 8.2%.

    Obama made the comments during a campaign event for Pennsylvania
    U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman in Philadelphia on Saturday

    "Think about what Joe Biden has already got accomplished.
    Despite historic pandemic, he not only repaired the economy and
    kept unemployment low, which, by the way, you should not take
    for granted, because a lot of folks thought with a historic
    pandemic like that and the shutdown, that we would potentially
    go into a Great Depression, and we did not," Obama said.

    Obama also said that Biden has "lowered health care and
    prescription drug costs" and passed an infrastructure bill "that
    will put more folks here in Pennsylvania and around the country
    to work and make our economy stronger."

    Obama always was a stupid nigger.

    The only thing stupider than Obama was the Democrats who elected

    <https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/barack-obama-says-biden- repaired-economy-kept-unemployment-low-amid-spike-prices>

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