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    A couple in Germany have been jailed for more than 12 years each
    for the repeated rape and abuse of the woman’s ten-year-old son,
    and for forcing him into prostitution.

    In one of the most disturbing child sex cases ever heard by the
    German courts, the 48-year-old woman and her partner were found
    guilty of selling the child to paedophiles over the internet on
    almost 50 occasions.

    They were also found guilty of filming themselves raping and
    sexually abusing the child and distributing the video to
    paedophiles over the “dark net”, the unregulated part of the

    The woman, named only as Berrin T under German privacy laws, was
    sentenced to 12 years and six months in prison.

    Her 39-year-old partner, named only as Christian L, was
    sentenced to 12 years in prison. He has a previous conviction
    for child sex crimes and was ordered to be kept in indefinite
    preventive detention after completing his sentence so that he
    cannot harm any more children.

    Six other defendants have also been sentenced to lengthy prison
    terms for sexually abusing the woman’s ten-year-old son, who
    has not been named under child protection laws. The couple were
    also convicted of the sexual abuse of another child, aged three.

    It was Berrin T who carried out “the most violent acts” in video
    footage of the abuse shown to the court, Judge Stefan Bürgelin
    said as he sentenced the mother, adding: “Although her son cried
    out in pain, she did not leave him alone.”

    Berrin T had initially allowed Christian L to abuse her son and
    participated herself because she did not want to jeopardise her
    relationship with her new partner, the judge said.

    Later the couple’s motive became financial, as they began to
    make money from prostituting the child over the internet.

    The court heard how the couple made thouands of euros by selling
    the boy to paedophiles who sexually abused him.

    They sold time with the child over the “dark net”, an area of
    the internet that is inaccessible without specialist software
    and used by paedophiles and criminals to hide their activities.

    A psychiatrist testified to the court that Berrin T had shown no
    previous tendency to paedophilia, and that she was “prepared to
    sacrifice both her own child and another child” to maintain her
    relationship with Christian L.

    The judge said he believed she was still capable of
    rehabilitation, and so did not hand her the maximum possible
    life sentence.

    Six of those who abused the child after paying the couple have
    also been sentenced to lengthy jail terms in a series of
    separate cases.

    The judge said Christian L had received a slightly lower
    sentence in recognition of the fact he testified against the
    boy’s other abusers. But he added that the 39-year-old could not
    be released because of the risk he would abuse other children,
    and will be held in indefinite preventive detention after
    completing his sentence.

    <https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/08/07/german-couple- convicted-rape-selling-young-son-sex-dark-web/>

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