• Court ruling could return sanity to school bathroom battle over gender

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    By Ian Prior
    Published January 23, 2023

    Late Friday, December 30, 2022, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals
    published an opinion that many in the parents’ rights movement had been waiting for with bated breath. In Adams v. School Board of St. Johns
    County, the full appellate court held that the school board’s policy of segregating bathrooms based on a student’s biological sex – that is the
    sex of the student at birth and not the gender the student may at some
    point identify with – did not violate the law because a student does
    not have a constitutional or statutory right under Title IX of the
    Education Amendments of 1972 to use the bathroom of the opposite sex.

    Instead, the student must use the bathroom comporting with the
    student’s biological sex or a single-stall, neutral bathroom at the
    school. Not only is this a significant win for the rule of law and
    parents in St. Johns County, Florida, but parents across the entire
    United States may well breathe a sigh of relief if the Supreme Court
    accepts this case which surely will be appealed. This is because the
    Adams decision is in conflict with a 2020 4th Circuit decision.


    If The Supreme Court hears it, it will definitely end the insanity.

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