• Hunter Biden laptop-denier now admits emails are real. Don't let him ge

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    By Jonathan Turley
    Published January 18, 2023

    Douglas Wise, a former Defense Intelligence Agency deputy director and
    former senior CIA operations officer, is back in the news this week.

    In an interview with The Australian, Wise admits that he and others
    always knew that the emails on the Hunter Biden laptop were likely
    genuine. It was a remarkable admission from one of more than 50 former intelligence officials who signed a letter dismissing the Hunter Biden
    laptop story before the 2020 presidential election as likely "Russian disinformation."

    Yet, Wise still maintains that, while true, he and the other officials
    were right to call it out as likely "disinformation." Arguing that
    something is true, but still constitutes disinformation sounds a lot
    like . . . well . . . disinformation.

    The infamous letter from the former intel officials (including such
    Democrat figures like John Brennan, James Clapper, Leon Panetta, and
    Jeremy Bash) was used by the media to assure the public that there was
    nothing to see in the scandal. It was the perfect deflection in giving
    a cooperative media cover to bury the story of how the Biden family
    engaged in influence peddling worth millions with foreign figures,
    including some with foreign intelligence connections.

    It worked beautifully. It was not until two years later that NPR, the
    New York Times, and other media outlets got around to telling the
    public the truth.


    What do laptop deniers think about that?

    No smoking gun my ass!

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