• Biden may be at greater risk of criminal jeopardy than Trump in documen

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jan 17 10:35:54 2023
    By Gregg Jarrett
    Published January 17, 2023

    With each new discovery of classified documents at Joe Biden’s home and office the case grows stronger that the president could well be charged
    with crimes.

    The principal law that Biden appears to have violated repeatedly is 18
    USC 793 which makes it a crime to remove national defense (i.e.,
    classified) material with the intent to retain it in an unauthorized

    A private office, garage, and home are obviously unauthorized because
    they are not sufficiently secure from intrusion. The nation’s secrets
    are vulnerable to theft by foreign adversaries. Keeping his prized
    Corvette in the same garage with classified documnents is not a viable

    In Biden’s case, the increasing number of different locations where classified records were found is compelling circumstantial evidence
    that this was not simply a single instance where a record was
    "inadvertently" misplaced. Instead, there are three locations –and
    counting. This suggests that their placement was both knowing and


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