• Dr. Leana Wen slammed after admitting there's been 'overcounting' of CO

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    By Gabriel Hays
    Published January 14, 2023

    Wen began her column with some apparent skepticism about the CDC’s
    latest COVID-19 death stats: "According to the Centers for Disease
    Control and Prevention, the United States is experiencing around 400
    COVID deaths every day. At that rate, there would be nearly 150,000
    deaths a year. But are these Americans dying from COVID or with COVID?"

    The doctor claimed that "Understanding this distinction is crucial to
    putting the continuing toll of the coronavirus into perspective.
    Determining how likely it is an infection will result in
    hospitalization or death helps people weigh their own risk."

    Mentioning the first, she wrote, "Robin Dretler, an attending physician
    at Emory Decatur Hospital and the former president of Georgia’s chapter
    of Infectious Diseases Society of America, estimates that at his
    hospital, 90 percent of patients diagnosed with COVID are actually in
    the hospital for some other illness."

    Dretler told the analyst, "Since every hospitalized patient gets tested
    for COVID many are incidentally positive." Wen noted how people with
    gunshot wounds or other serious illnesses often test positive for the
    virus, and wrote, "If these patients die, COVID might get added to
    their death certificate along with the other diagnoses. But the
    coronavirus was not the primary contributor to their death and often
    played no role at all."

    Dretler admitted this contributed to "imprecise reporting" on COVID
    deaths and hospitalizations, which he added did not come from a place
    of "bad intent." He denied that there was any "conspiracy" behind it to "exaggerate coronavirus numbers for some nefarious purpose."


    Of course it was a conspiracy. It was a crisis intentionally created
    by the news media.

    I said two and a half years ago that the death count was wrong, and
    gave and example of a man that died in a car wreck, and his death
    certificate showed cause of death as COVID.

    Remember the hospital ships off shore of New York? Remember the lack
    of respirators, and emergency hospitals built across the country, that
    were never used.

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