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    A former Orange County bank manager admitted in federal court
    Friday to stealing $1.2 million from an elderly couple by taking
    over their bank account without their knowledge.

    Lana Pothos, 59, during a hearing at the federal courthouse in
    Santa Ana, accepted a plea deal requiring the Anaheim resident
    admit to one count of bank fraud.

    Pothos, while working as a relationship manager for a Bank of
    America branch in Yorba Linda, stole the savings of two married
    elderly customers from their shared account, according to her
    plea agreement. The written agreement refers to the scheme as
    “sophisticated,” and notes that part of the fraud relied on
    Pothos’ access as a bank employee.

    Using the couple’s personal information, prosecutors say Pothos
    created a new online banking profile for them without their

    Through the bank’s internal computer system, Pothos was able to
    change their mailing address to a Yorba Linda hair salon she
    frequented, prosecutors said, and their telephone number to one
    she controlled. Pothos used that phone number to call the bank
    and impersonate one of the victims.

    An alleged co-schemer — identified by prosecutors as Theron Fox,
    49, of Tustin — is accused of opening a new bank account and
    setting up an email address under the name of one of the elderly

    Between July and October 2020, a little more than $1.2 million
    was moved out of the victim’s account and into the account
    allegedly controlled by Pothos and Fox. The money was allegedly
    moved again to another account used by Fox at another bank,
    according to prosecutors.

    Prosecutors say the money was used by Pothos and Fox for
    personal expenses. That includes $47,000 that was transferred to
    a “Pothos-controlled entity,” according to the Department of
    Justice. What the money was used for was not specified in the
    plea deal.

    Pothos is scheduled to return to court for sentencing on July
    10. According to the DOJ, she faces up to 30 years in prison.

    Fox is still awaiting trial on multiple bank fraud and identity
    theft charges.

    <https://www.ocregister.com/2023/01/06/ex-oc-bank-manager-pleads- guilty-to-stealing-more-than-1-million-from-elderly-customers/>

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