• Florida sheriff's video on new student disciplinary measures sparks bac

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Sat Dec 10 10:08:46 2022
    By Timothy H.J. Nerozzi
    Published December 10, 2022

    "Our teachers are distracted. They can't do their jobs anymore, and
    they are spending more time dealing with [students] disrupting their
    class than they are teaching those that actually came there to learn,"
    Ivey said at his original press conference.

    Ivey lamented the decline in harsh punishments in public schools,
    noting the widespread banning of corporal punishment in particular.

    "Quite frankly, they're not worried about getting in trouble. They know nothing's gonna happen to them. They know they're not going to be given after-school detention, they're not going to be suspended," the sheriff claimed. "They're not going to be expelled or, like in the old days,
    they're not gonna have the cheeks of their a-- torn off for not doing
    right in class."


    Liberals can't understand why there has to be discipline in classrooms
    for children to learn and teachers to teach.

    When there were all black and all white schools there was no discipline problems.

    What happened?

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