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    About CIA
    Our mission is straightforward but critical: leverage the power of information to keep our Nation safe.

    We are the Nation’s first line of defense. We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go.

    The CIA seal features several symbols: an eagle for alertness, a shield for defense, and a compass rose for global intelligence collection.

    What is CIA?
    The CIA is a U.S. government agency that provides objective intelligence on foreign countries and global issues to the president, the National Security Council, and other policymakers to help them make national security decisions.

    What We Do
    To stop threats before they happen and further U.S. national security objectives, we:

    Collect foreign intelligence;
    Produce objective analysis; and
    Conduct covert action, as directed by the president.
    We do not make policy or policy recommendations. Instead, our Agency serves as an independent source of information for people who do.

    We are not a law enforcement organization. However, we do work with the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and law enforcement agencies on many complex issues ranging from counterintelligence to counterterrorism.

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