• 'Americans will be shocked': Former Hunter Biden business partner lauds

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    By Charles Creitz
    Published November 18, 2022

    Former SinoHawk holdings chief Tony Bobulinski – who was partners in
    that China-linked company with Biden family members – praised Kentucky Republican Congressman James Comer's newly-launched probe into the
    First Family's business deals.

    During an interview at the Fox News Patriot Awards, Bobulinski – a Navy veteran – said the best news is that Americans will no longer have to
    "take my word for it" in terms of allegations Joe and Hunter were in
    overseas cahoots on multiple occasions.

    "Hunter Biden, in his own words, [has said] he is putting his entire
    family's family legacy on the line to do business with the Chinese
    Communist Party [via] CEFC [energy conglomerate]," Bobulinski said.

    "He says that in his own words, in numerous text messages and other
    things I've provided both to the FBI and other whistleblowers, so don't
    take my word for it. The good news is Congressman Comer and Congressman
    [Jim] Jordan have troves of documents that will corroborate all this –
    but 1,000%. Joe Biden ‘the big guy’."


    FBI director Wray knew this a year before the presidential election.

    Nancy Pelosi knew it and would not allow an investigation, while
    investigating Trump for a non existent crime.

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