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    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Fri Nov 11 11:22:18 2022
    By Peter Kasperowicz
    Published November 11, 2022

    It is still not completely clear which party won control of the House
    of Representatives three days after the midterm election on Nov. 8, and
    it might still take weeks to find out for sure.

    The biggest factor standing in the way of a clear result is the slow count in California, where more than a dozen House races have yet to be called. The final results in California could make or break the GOP takeover in the House – Republicans hold
    narrow leads in several of those races, but many of them have still tabulated fewer than 50% of the votes that have come in.

    According to a count provided late Thursday, more than 4.8 million
    ballots had yet to be processed. California’s Secretary of State
    Shirley Weber says it could still be weeks before it becomes clear who
    wins these races.


    I'm sure everyone knows that all the write in ballots will go to the
    democrats. That's how they won the presidential election and that's
    how they will win the House.

    The Republicans don't have a chance.

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