• Arizona's Maricopa County begins hand count audit as estimated 400K bal

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    By Caitlin McFall
    Published November 10, 2022

    Maricopa County election officials in Arizona's most populous region
    have begun a hand count audit, officials announced late Wednesday.

    "The hand count audit has begun," the county’s election department said
    on Twitter. "Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian party chairs drew
    the races and ballots that hand count audit boards will review

    "This is an important step in ensuring the accuracy of the 2022 General Election results," they added.

    Fox News could not immediately reach election officials for comment on
    the audit, but according to information provided on Arizona secretary
    of state website, an audit is conducted using a sample of ballots to
    test the accuracy of the tabulation equipment.

    Voters in Arizona are still awaiting results of the crucial U.S. Senate
    and governor's races, and several closely watched U.S. House races. The secretary of state's office estimates that Maricopa County, the state's
    most populous county, has around 400,000 uncounted ballots.


    This hand counting of ballots has to stop. People should know the
    results of elections right after the polls close.

    With computers at polling stations there is no reason this is not

    It's the idiots that use paper ballots that are the cause of all the
    problems. Paper ballots should be banned.

    I read where California won't finish counting until December 16.

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