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    By Tyler Olson
    Published October 31, 2022

    Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on Monday dismissed an argument
    from a lawyer defending race-based affirmative action policies in
    college admissions and said that he doesn't give much weight to the
    idea that diversity automatically creates better outcomes.

    During arguments involving admissions policies at the University of
    North Carolina (UNC), Thomas asked state Solicitor General Ryan Park to describe the educational benefit to including race as a factor in
    college admissions. Park responded that in studies involving stock
    trading results, "racially diverse groups of people … perform at a
    higher level."

    "The mechanism there is that it reduces groupthink and that people have
    longer and more sustained disagreement, and that leads to a more
    efficient outcome," Park said.

    Thomas responded, "I guess I don't put much stock in that because I've
    heard similar arguments in favor of segregation, too."

    "I've heard the word diversity quite a few times, and I don't have a
    clue what it means. It seems to mean everything for everyone," Thomas
    also stated during his line of questioning.


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