• 'America is being destroyed' by the Democratic Party: Mark Levin

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    By Yael Halon
    Published October 23, 2022

    "Life, Liberty & Levin" host Mark Levin issued a stark warning to
    voters on his show Sunday about the future of the country if
    Republicans do not regain control of Congress in next month's midterm elections.

    During his opening monologue over the weekend, Levin accused Democrats
    of "dismantling" the country with politics and programs that have
    threatened the United States' longstanding foundational values.

    "America is being destroyed. If you want to destroy America, then you
    vote Democrat because the Democrat Party has been unmasked. Its
    policies and programs are delusional and destructive, and they are
    dismantling the most fabulous nation on earth right before your eyes,"
    Levin told viewers.

    Levin said the party has banded together in a concerted effort to
    destroy capitalism and implement a socialist economy.

    "Capitalism stands in the way of a planned socialist economy, which
    they support, so they seek to deconstruct capitalism," he said. "In
    order to fundamentally transform America, you must seize power by
    perverting and sabotaging our Constitution, legal and voting systems.
    That's what they're doing."


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