• Former Acting AG Whitaker says Hunter Biden was targeted in 'Chinese in

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    By Fox News Staff
    Published October 27, 2022

    Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said the new
    developments out of the investigation into Hunter Biden's business
    dealings are "very damaging" for the president. On "Fox & Friends
    First" Thursday, Whitaker argued the "shocking" evidence being sent to
    the U.S. attorney shows that China was trying to gather information on
    the Biden family.

    MATTHEW WHITAKER: It's very damaging. If you think about how you build
    an investigation, you build it brick by brick. And this revelation that somebody that close to the family, that worked every day with Hunter
    Biden, had access to most of the information or the various companies,
    I think is a significant step. There is no doubt that Hunter Biden was
    part of a Chinese intelligence mission that was trying to gather as
    much information as possible about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and the
    entire Biden family. And what Ron Johnson and my home state Senator
    Chuck Grassley have found and now provided to the U.S. attorney in
    Delaware is just shocking how much money was being given to the Biden


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