• New York Times article warns Democrats' worst midterm fears being reali

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    By Brian Flood
    Published October 20, 2022

    Voters don’t need to hunt for "Red October" any longer, according to
    the New York Times. It's here.

    The paper's politics editor sounded the alarm on Thursday as midterm
    elections loom, warning readers that a red wave could be on the
    horizon, and things could quickly become "dire" for Democrats.

    The piece by Blake Hounshell was bluntly headlined, "Democrats’ Feared
    Red October Has Arrived," detailing how the "midterms aren’t shaping
    up" how Democrats had hoped.

    "Here’s the thing about elections: When they break, they usually break
    in one direction. And right now, all the indicators on my political
    dashboard are blinking red — as in, toward Republicans," Hounshell

    The Times article listed the "voters’ sour views of the economy" and
    crime as key issues pushing people away from the Democratic Party.


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