• Flashback: CNN, MSNBC ran with 'Jim Crow' voter suppression claims in G

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Thu Oct 20 08:37:24 2022
    By Brian Flood , Nikolas Lanum
    Published October 20, 2022

    CNN and MSNBC spent much of 2021 labeling Georgia’s Republican-passed Election Integrity Act as the next Jim Crow, but record-breaking
    turnout in the Peach State has essentially debunked the once-popular
    liberal narrative.

    Democrats and their allies in the media repeatedly argued that the law
    was a racist effort to deny people the right to vote, especially
    minority Americans, and could push U.S. democracy off a cliff. But
    during the second day of early voting in Georgia this year, the state
    saw a 75.3% increase from the second day during the 2018 midterms...


    Biden said the same thing as the liberal media, you can now see they
    were all lying.

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