• Biden stumbles through abortion speech, closes with 'thank you, I'm sor

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    By Adam Sabes
    Published October 18, 2022

    President Biden stumbled through an abortion speech on Tuesday and
    closed by saying, "Thank you, I'm sorry."

    Biden gave the speech on Tuesday during a "Restore Roe" rally held by
    the Democratic National Committee that was held at the Howard Theatre
    in Washington, D.C.

    Biden, while trying to express his support for abortion rights and Roe
    v. Wade, said that he "pushed hard" for married couples in their

    "The right that I pushed hard, and it finally got changed, the married
    couples in the privacy of their bedroom, excuse me, I'm thinking about
    the Dobbs decision," Biden said during the speech.

    During the speech, Biden also mispronounced Obergefell, when
    referencing Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court decision that
    required states to recognize and license same-sex marriages in 2015.

    He also concluded the speech by telling the audience, "Thank you, I'm

    "I was apologizing for my back, my mother would be very angry. I was
    talking with people with my back to them. I apologize. So thank you all
    so very, very much," Biden said.


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